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Rainbow Six Siege Overview: Long Live The King
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Dołączył: 08 Lis 2018
Posty: 9
Skąd: New York
Wysłany: 2018-11-08, 04:54   Rainbow Six Siege Overview: Long Live The King

This Y3S3.1 patch goes live , September 18 on PC. The team kill adjustment is that the big news, while there are bug fixes and several other changes . Most notable are an variety of fixes for Clash, Buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits as issues like her being able to deploy a guard while crouched or shooting her gun until it looks on screen.

In the wake of Grim Sky, Siege additionally introduced Twitch Prime packs, offering some bonus skins for Prime subscribers. Follow that link for specifics if you want to expand your options in Siege.

Hibana, Finka, Ela, and Bandit are each getting a special headgear skin, uniform skin, weapon skin, and weapon appeal, all coming through the new Twitch Prime packs.

The September set contains a legendary chibi allure, that 17th item. You can get it by linking your Prime account with your Ubisoft accounts heading into the website, and asserting the information there.

If you don't want to cover Prime, you can get around 13 of those items by signing up for a 30-day free trial punctually to claim the September and October bundles for the vast majority of the exclusive gear. However, the promotion is cleverly timed across three months to prevent you from getting the set that manner.

Siege is now joining the illustrious likes of Fortnite and a sea of indie games in supplying free stuff through Prime, and it's probably about time. At the very least, it is free things -- assuming you've got a Prime subscription or haven't used up that free trial nonetheless.

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