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Mourinho will pay the price for selling Januzaj
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Dołączył: 29 Lip 2018
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Wysłany: 2018-08-03, 10:30   Mourinho will pay the price for selling Januzaj

The Belgian midfielder, Adnan Januzaj, has been named the future of Manchester United when he made his debut at Old Trafford in the summer of 2013 after a period at the academy and was sacked by Sir Alex. However, the ups and downs of both dynasties David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal made talent born in 1995 not much opportunity to believe and pushed to loan in both Borussia Dortmund and Sunderland season since. Jose Mourinho came to power and was officially sold to Real Sociedad last summer.

Mourinho will pay the price for selling Januzaj - Football
During his time in Dortmund, the Belgian winger was "eliminated" when he failed to show himself and did not regain his Sunderland status.

"It is unfortunate that he does not show the desire and attitude needed to progress at this age," said Thomas Tuchel.

United's Reserves coach Warren Joyce was also unhappy about the performance of a former student from the Anderlecht academy continue

"It is disappointing to see such players as Januzaj are progressing day by day but delaying the work that has brought them to this stage," said the Englishman.

"Not playing, not practicing hard, just sitting in Jacuzzis (big tubs) and not doing the physical exercises they did to achieve that level. Those are the things that make me uncomfortable, because those things can be avoided. "

Jose Mourinho has agreed to let Januzaj join Real Sociedad for £ 8m last summer without having made a significant contribution to the transfer since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, similar to Ravel Morrison, who also not showing himself before the lights of the Theater of Dreams tin bong da quoc te tai day

However, the Belgian midfielder was completely stripped off in the Spanish team's shirt when he scored three goals and five assists at 28 appearances in La Liga, England's last match in Group G qualification helped Belgium rise to the top spot in the last World Cup.

With a performance that helped Real Sociedad rise to the 12th position of the Liga last season, it could be a turning point for the Portuguese keeper to return to Old Trafford for a € 60m deal. . And that is the lesson of money management, when United spent a huge sum of 89 million pounds after the French midfielder to Juventus four years ago for less than 1 million pounds.

The player has also been contacted by Leicester to replace Riyad Mahrez, who has just arrived in Manchester City.

Commenting on Januzaj, the journalist Imanol Lizasoain of Diario Vasco described the player as "a player who can wipe out the feelings of indifference that a fan fears every weekend," and " the highest quality in the squad (Real Sociedad) ", as well as" the flagship of what is happening at Anoeta "(home of the Spanish team).

Obviously, Januzaj is looking back on his early career and will probably make United United regret. The same is true of Memphis Depay and Wilfried Zaha, who are playing well after leaving Old Trafford.
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