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Dołączył: 11 Gru 2017
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Wysłany: 2018-03-06, 04:12

Discussions in China on the country's "worst Olympic flop" in recent memory remains high as government officials urge Team China coaches to "deeply reflect" on their work.

The UK beat China to second in total gold medals at the Rio Games Nike Air Max 90 Sale , with China bagging only 26 to the UK's 27, as China faltered in some of its traditionally strong events, such as women's badminton and gymnastics.

China topped the Olympic medal standings for the first time with 51 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Games, which dropped to 38 in London four years ago.

"We will deeply reflect on the problems exposed at the Games," Liu Peng Nike Air Max Sale , director of the General Administration of Sports, told a press conference on Saturday.

He said that the Chinese teams had not done enough to realize that more countries are focusing more on the Olympic Games, and their training and management have reached new levels, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday.

Liu also said young athletes were not motivated enough when they faced fierce competition. He lauded the women's volleyball team's fighting spirit in winning its first Olympic title in 12 years.

The Chinese, who had been happy with the relaxed disposition of Chinese athletes at the beginning of the Rio Games Air Max TN Sale , have started to discuss the causes for the poor performance and offering solutions to help the team make a comeback at the 2020 Games hosted by arch-rival Japan.

China's gymnastics team failed to win gold, settling for two bronzes - their worst-ever performance at the Olympic Games. Gymnastics has long been a traditional powerhouse of Chinese Olympians. Four years ago in London, China claimed four titles. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, it grabbed nine gold medals.

Wang Qi, China Sports Industry Group manager and a sports marketing expert Air Max 2018 Sale , attributed the fiasco to sports authorities' zeal for quick success. "The Chinese athletes' inadequate fitness cannot be hidden by their remarkable gymnastics skills," Wang told the Global Times.

In badminton, China faced tough competition and wound up winning two golds after Chen Long defeated Malaysian Lee Chong Wei for the men's singles title, followed by Japan which won one gold and one silver. China's loss in the women's doubles was the first time Chinese shuttlers missed the gold medal in 20 years.

The badminton team's debacle is partly the result of outdated training programs, as Chinese athletes failed to match their rivals who boast greater physical strength and quicker responses Air Max 90 Sale , Wang said. He added there's a need to expand the shrinking talent pool.

Echoing Wang, He Wenyi, executive director of Peking University's China Institute for Sports Value, told the Global Times that sports authorities should work with their educational counterparts to popularize sports in schools, instead of simply depending on specialized sports schools to select and train youngsters Air Max Sale , when those schools have already began lose their appeal.

Wang suggested more public access to public sports facilities, citing Zhejiang Province - the home of many Olympic athletes - as an example. "Zhejiang's government build many public swimming pools. The more facilities, the greater the chances are for discovering and training talent," he said.

Beating arch-rival in 2020

Though the Chinese have begun to prioritize national fitness and recreational sports over seeking national pride from competitions like the Olympic Games, they also expect a better performance from the Chinese team at the Tokyo Games.

Being forgiven for losing to Great Britain does not mean the Chinese would be willing to see the national team lose to the Japanese Nike Air Max TN Sale Clearance , an arch-rival since WWII, Wang said.

"[I would like to hear] China's national anthem played in Tokyo again and again four years from now," Sina Weibo user "Feiji feiyuanle" said.

The Chinese national team will face stiff competition from the 2020 host country, even in some of China's traditional strengths, such as table tennis.

"We face greater challenges as our new team faces a Japanese squad which will come of age at the Tokyo Games Nike Air Max 2018 Sale Clearance ," Kong Linghui, head coach of China's table tennis women's team, was quoted by Xinhua as saying.

Over 30 percent of athletes who competed at the 2011 world championships admitted to having used banned substances in the past, according to a World Anti-Doping Agency-commissioned study released yesterday.

The study, conducted by researchers from Germany’s University of Tuebingen and Harvard Medical School in 2011 Nike Air Max 90 Sale Clearance , found that more than 30 percent of worlds participants and over 45 percent of athletes at the 2011 Pan-Arab Games said they had taken banned drugs.

The researchers asked a total of 2,167 athletes whether they had used banned substances. A combined total of 5,187 athletes competed at those two events.

The 2011 world championships were held in Daegu, South Korea while Qatar hosted the Pan-Arab Games that year.

A process of indirect questioning was used for the study titled “Doping in Two Elite Athletics Competitions Assessed by Randomized-Response Surveys” to protect the athletes’ anonymity.

More than 90 percent of athletes asked to take part agreed to do so. Only 0.5 percent of drugs tests in Daegu were positive, while the figure was 3.6 percent at the Pan-Arab Games.

“The study shows that biological tests of blood and urine reveal only a fraction of doping cases Nike Air Max Sale Clearance ,” said Harrison Pope, Harvard Medical School professor.

“As described in the publication this is likely due to the fact that athletes have found numerous ways so as not to be caught during tests.”

The study’s release had been delayed for years as the researchers wrangled with the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Association of Athletics Federations over how it was to be published.

It has now been published in Sports Medicine magazine.

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