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cigssmoke - 2018-07-11, 05:14
Temat postu: Variable Smoke Pump Output Based On Throttle Input
Just switched my smoke programing on the 8FG from two p-mixes to the VPP function Cheapest Cigarettes In The World. Much easier IMHO. Since there are 3 VPP curves, I just set one to all zero's for pump off Newport Cigarettes Official Website, one to track linearly with the throttle stick from 0% - 20% pump speed, and one to 100% pump speed on a the momentary switch for pump priming. Only thing I don't like about this set up is now I have a "VPP" indicator on my home screen. But, it's much easier for me to understand this way Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes, and I can more easily tweak the settings now.

I had a chance to help a friend configure this today Buying Cigarettes Online, so here are some more details. We will be using 2 VPP curves:

You can also add the 3rd curve as teookie mentions above Newport Cigarettes Price, or you can prime the pump while it is on the ground. I don't have experience with these so I am not sure if you would ever need it at 100% while in the air to prime it
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