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justi231 - 2018-04-11, 10:00
Temat postu: Cheap Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes sale
There are many, many epic Cheap Air Jordan Basketball Shoes Saleshoes for basketball. With all the great players that have rocked Nike basketball kicks over the last 20 years, it is impossible to single out one shoe, and one shoe only, and label it as the most epic pair of Nike basketball shoes ever made. For sneakerheads, that is a very good thing. Actually, a great thing. The more epic signature basketball sneakers, the better. One of the truly epic Nike kicks is epic for more than one reason. The Kobe V "Bruce Lee" is epic for a variety of reason: colorway, availability, and namesake. Colorway-No other shoe, basketball, or otherwise looks this good in yellow. The Kobe V "Bruce Lee" is predominately yellow for a reason. The shoe replicates the the yellow body suit worn by Lee in the movie "The Game of Death". Black accents on the upper and heel cup are used here while red accents are used in the form scratch marks that reside on the lower forefoot black forefoot accents. Red is also used as Kobe's signature. The red scratch marks are from another classic Lee movie, "Enter the Dragon". There isn't a nicer colorway out there on any signature sneaker.

Availability-These kicks were tough tocheap air jordan 12Just by simply getting a pair of these shoes in your possession was quite a feat. The Kobe V "Bruce Lee" was a very limited release. Just a handful of House of Hoops locations across the country made these available for purchase. They weren't available for very long. All it took was about an hour for these to sell out. If you weren't able to cop a pair when they dropped, there is still eBay. com. A pair of these beauties will cost you around $250. Namesake-The name says it all. As Kobe Bryant is to basketball, Bruce Lee is to martial arts. Legendary! There will not be another icon in martial arts that will ever eclipse Bruce Lee in popularity and the influence he had on his art. Bruce Lee's Hong Kong and Hollywood- produced films elevated the genre and himself to iconic status. His martial art style alone changed the way Americans viewed the Eastern-based martial arts. He singlehandedly changed the way the entire world viewed martial arts.

Kobe Bryant's affinity for martial arts Air Jordan 2 Onlinehis admiration of Bruce Lee were the inspiration for one of the most epic Kobe Bryant shoes for basketball ever made. It was Kobe himself who dedicated this shoe to Lee. In fact, Kobe still practices the hybrid fighting system and life philosophy that Lee embodied. Epic! A brand new spanking new pair of Kobe Bryant shoes has dropped. Stop the presses! No...that won't be necessary. A Kobe VI is released, as we all know, once a week these days. A new Kobe shoe sighting is not breaking news. But what is breaking news is that the new colorway actually uses the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers. This time it is purple, no wait a second, imperial purple that is the primary color used on this new shoe. What the hell is imperial purple? I guess it is purple in which a very cool descriptive Nike term is attached.

The newNike Jordan Shoes For SaleVI colorway features this cool imperial purple on the standard snakeskin upper, midsole, heel cup and cage, inner lining, laces, and the forefoot portion of the outsole. Are you getting the picture? This is a very imperial purple shoe. Del Sol, another cool Nike term for yellow, is used on the Swoosh and Kobe logo. This colorway just might be the closest to Laker colors that we have ever seen on a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes. Unfortunately, it might be the least in the very near future. The NBA lockout is looming closer on the horizon and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of good news coming from the NBA Players Association or the owners. If there is indeed no NBA season this year, and it certainly is looking like that will be the case, sneakerheads will have to do without new editions and colorways of the Kobe Bryant signature sneaker line. Oh, the horror! Correct me if I am wrong, but NBA players are millionaires. Owners of NBA franchises are millionaires. Both players and owners alike, who have done quite well financially, are actually haggling over who should have more money.

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